What is the I3D bookshop?
From this website, you can order our primers, policy briefs, books and other publications in print or download them in digital format (PDF) for free. Our publications concern socio-economic, development, and political issues from the perspective of peoples in the global South. IBON Institue for International Development (I3D) synthesizes IBON International’s this wide range of knowledge on social policy, economics, and development.

What is IBON International?
We are a service institution in the global South whose defined role is to advocate social justice and transformation through knowledge-building, knowledge-sharing and other ways of capacity development. You can read more about us through iboninternational.org. We also have a Facebook (/iboninternational) and Twitter account (@IbonInternatl). You could also join our mailing list by filling out this Google form.

Why do you allow free downloading of almost all of your publications in this website?
For us, knowledge on development and political issues that concern peoples in the global South should be accessible to them, their social movements and organisations around the world. Making them free, albeit in digital format, is just one way of making this happen.  Individuals and organisations can still order all of the publications here in paperback.

If we order paperbacks, do you ship all over the world?
Yes. But shipping rates per region do apply.

How do we order publications in bulk (5 pcs.+ of the more heavy books)?
Individuals or organisations can tell us through e-mail if they are interested in ordering in bulk. Send it to i3d_bookshop@iboninternational.org, and we will respond with the instructions.

What other ways can we pay other than PayPal?
For non-PayPal users, you can pay via credit card, VISA or MasterCard. The other option so far is paying through a bank deposit. You deposit the total amount (as seen in Checkout: the price of the book/s plus shipping charges) to IBON International Foundation Inc. 9591-0017-17, and then send a clear photo of the (order form), and a photo/scanned copy of the processed deposit slip to i3d_bookshop@iboninternational.org.

Where can we address our other questions?
For follow-ups to orders, inquiries, suggestions, or other concerns, you could get in touch with i3d_bookshop@iboninternational.org. We hope to respond to emails within three days.

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