Bicentenary of Karl Marx


2018 | 98 pages

2018 marks the 200th birth anniversary of Karl Marx. In commemoration of Marx’s living legacies in social movements today, the Institute of Political Economy publishes this book for a better understanding of the contemporary ways of monopoly capitalism and imperialism and the urgent need for fundamental change through various forms of resistance and struggles.




Introduction: The continuing relevance of Marx’s teachings in social movements and their struggles
Antonio Tujan Jr.

Study Marx to resist imperialism
Prof. Jose Maria Sison

The role of labour migration and diaspora in monopoly capitalism
Eni Lestari

Land struggles and the peasant movement
Zenaida Soriano

Marxism and the woman question in the 21st century
Marie Boti

Marxism in the digital era: Impacts of Electronic-Digital Technology on early-21st century economies
Pio Verzola Jr.

Karl Marx and the working class
Len Cooper

Annex: Continuing validity and vitality of Marxism
Prof. Jose Maria Sison


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Bicentenary of Karl Marx


Bicentenary of Karl Marx

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