Militarism and Democracy in Asia-Pacific


2017 | 292 pages

As neoliberalism plunges into deeper crisis, militarism and wars are being promoted and intensified throughout the world, especially in the Asia-Pacific region. The US’ economic decline and China’s growing economic and military strength are forcing US imperialism to adopt a more belligerent attitude towards China. Economic and military arrangements long thought to be stable are being reconfigured. A multipolar world is being born. Threats and dangers are aplenty, but opportunities for people’s movements and pro-people governments to strengthen also abound. There’s no way around it: the threats and dangers must be known, exposed and opposed so opportunities for people’s movements and pro-people governments can be seized and maximized. This book is a humble contribution to such an endeavor.




The Asia-Pacific between the Eagle and the Dragon (International League of Peoples’ Struggle)

Women in Southeast Asia: Resisting Militarism, Asserting Sovereignty (Center for Women’s Resources)

Militarism, Genocide of 65/66 and People’s Struggle in Indonesia (Resistance and Alternatives to Globalization)

The Army-backed Regime of Bangladesh 2007-2008 and the Consequences on the Current Democracy (Policy Research for Development Alternative)

Militarism Hampers Progress: The Crusades of the Igorots and Lumads in the Philippines (Center for Development Programs in the Cordillera)

Militarism and Acceleration of Infrastructure Development in Indonesia: Protecting Corporate Profits, Violating Peoples Rights (Institute for National and Democratic Studies)

Militarism and the Erosion of Democracy (Pacific Asia Resource Center)

The Reign of Terror, The Collusion of Power and Profit: Pakistan’s Long History of Militarism (Roots for Equity)

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