The Reality of Aid Report 2012 — Aid and the Private Sector


2012 | 302 pages

The private sector is undoubtedly a major actor for creating economic opportunities for people living in poverty – through investment, decent employment, expanding markets, creating innovation and generating resources for government programs. But not all such investment or innovation has an impact on poverty and growing inequalities in many countries experiencing strong economic growth. Thus, while welcoming renewed attention to the private sector, this Reality of Aid 2012 Report highlights that such engagement must be coherent with the overall goals of development effectiveness and the creation of inclusive national development plans – focusing on reducing both poverty and socio-economic inequalities. This Report is comprised of 30 contributions revealing experiences and insights from both aid-giving and aid-recipient countries.





Part I: Reports

Chapter 1: Public Development Finance and the Private Sector

Chapter 2: Frameworks to Enable Positive Development Practice

Chapter 3: Appraising Development Results

Chapter 4: Global Aid Trends, BRICS Reports and OECD Reports

Part 2: Glossary of Aid Terms

Part 3: RoA Members Directory

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Reality of Aid 2012


RoA Report 2012 - Aid & the Private Sector - Catalysing Poverty Reduction & Dev't

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