The G-20: Boon or Bane? (IBON International Working Paper)


2011| 21 pages

This working paper by IBON International thus offers an introduction to the G-20—its origins and evolution, its current role and impact on the world economy and world affairs, and its implications on the rest of world, especially developing countries, which are excluded from its internal processes.



Origins of the G-20

When was the G-20 founded?

Original Mandate

Membership in the G-20

Chair of the G-20 and the Establishment of the Troika

The G-20 Summits

The G-20’s Evolving Role and Mandate

Does the so-called Seoul Consensus really spell a radical departure from the now widely-discredited Washington Consensus?

G-20 vis-a-vis the D’Escoto initiative in the UN (Stiglitz commission)

The G-20 vis-à-vis the G-77

G-77 and China on the Current Global Crisis

If the Washington Consensus is dead, what should replace it?

The G-20: Boon or Bane? Our verdict


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