A Development Agenda for 2015 and Beyond


2010 | 4 pages   

As 2015 approached, immediate policy steps were needed to be taken to hurdle the challenges of the global economic crisis. At the same time, discussion about a post-2015 international development agenda that goes deeper and beyond the Millennium ​Development Goals was in order.



A Development Agenda for 2015 and Beyond

Mobilize domestic resources to support expansion of public investments and redistributive measures

Explore new sources of finance, such as taxes on international fiscal transactions and multinational firms

Suspend debt service payments and establish a fair sovereign debt workout mechanism

Reform international institutions through policy reorientation and democratization

Turn to a paradigm of development based on sustainability, human rights, and democratic participation

Evaluate prospects for an international treaty operationalizing the Right to Development

Ensure policy coherence through a multilateral and multi-stakeholder forum

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