ASEAN Community 2015: Integration for Whom?


April 2015 | 16 pages

IBON International’s policy paper critiques the ASEAN Integration and explains how it can worsen inequalities between and among ASEAN nations because of the possible increase of corporate power in the region. This paper also proposes alternative approaches for transforming the ASEAN into a region that is truly people-centered: by abandoning the market-led growth strategy and focusing more on people’s concerns such as food sovereignty, climate change, and respect for human and collective rights.




Push for Greater Integration

Achieving Regional Integration: The ASEAN Community 2015

ASEAN Community Pillars

Critiques of the ASEAN Integration Process

ASEAN Integration amidst Larger Regional Integration

Integration for Whom?

Erosion of People’s Sovereignty, Increase of Corporate Power

Diminishing Access to Social Services

Worsening Inequalities between and within ASEAN Countries

Skewed Labor Mobility, Job Insecurity

Increased Land and Other Resource Grabs

Undermining Local Small Holder Farmers & Food Sovereignty

Towards a Genuine People-Centered Regional Integration

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