IBON Primer on Food Sovereignty and Food Crisis


2012 | 129 pages

The IBON Primer on Food Sovereignty and the Food Crisis reaffirms what people’s and peasants’ movements and food policy activists all over the world have long insisted: that global hunger has not been solved by tremendous gains in food production because it is rooted in systemic poverty generated by social inequities.

Food sovereignty is the power of people and communities to assert and realize the right to food and to produce food. It is the power of people and communities fighting the power of corporations and other forces that destroy the people’s food production systems and deny them food and life. The primer asserts that nation-states must exercise food sovereignty to protect, promote and develop the people’s food sovereignty, from which it draws power.



Global hunger in the midst of plenty

Social inequities at the root of hunger and poverty

Food sovereignty and its principles

Policy proposals that enhance food sovereignty

The continuing struggle for food sovereignty

List of references

Appendix : People’s Convention on Food Sovereignty

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