IBON Primer on the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20)


2012 | 88 pages

This IBON Primer explains how sustainable development became the guiding principle for addressing developmental and environmental crises. It examines what sustainable development is, and what kind of society it should lead to. It looks at why the progressive commitments of the Earth Summit have not produced their desired outcomes, and examines the Rio+20 agenda and its prospects of success where the Earth Summit failed.

The primer concludes by identifying the elements of a truly transformative agenda for a sustainable future for the planet and its peoples, and suggests how civil society organisations and people’s movements can help turn such an agenda into reality.




Sustainable Development and the Earth Summit

Agenda 21 revisited

How does Rio+20 seek to promote sustainable development?

The relevance of Rio+20

The ‘Green Economy’ agenda

Sustainable development governance

and sustainable development goals

The People’s Agenda at Rio+20

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