Imperialism, The Highest Stage of Capitalism


2017 (1917) | 170 pages

In the continuing globalization of today, we see the value of Lenin’s analysis – the central role of banks and the financial oligarchy even after the 2008 crisis; the growing concentration in economic sectors, with ever-expanding corporate revenues; economies that depend on the export of capital, such as through foreign direct investments; and continued neo-colonial relations, such as through one-sided agreements. Social movements around the world continue to resist this imperialist, neoliberal globalization.


Preface to the Russian Edition
Preface to the French and German Editions
I. Concentration of Production and Monopolies
II.Banks and their New Role
III. Finance Capital and the Financial Oligarchy
IV. Export of Capital
V.Division of the World among Capitalist Associations
VI. Division of the World among the Great Powers
VII. Imperialism as a Special Stage of Capitalism
VIII. Parasitism and Decay of Capitalism
IX. Critique of Imperialism
X. The Place of Imperialism in History

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