Lenin’s ‘Imperialism’ in the 21st Century


2017 | 170 pages

In commemoration of the hundredth anniversary of the first publication of Lenin’s Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism, the Institute of Political Economy proudly offers this book. It has eight in-depth chapters from distinguished thinkers and authors who examined the various aspects of modern imperialism in contemporary history and today’s world.




The Second Century of Imperialism: Neoliberal “Globalisation” and Permanent War Project of Monopoly Capital (Antonio Tujan Jr.)

Notes on Monopoly Capital in the 21st Century: 100 Years Since Lenin’s ‘Imperialism’ (Paul Quintos)

New Forms of Exploitation of Africa by Monopoly Capitalism: From Lenin’s Imperialism to the Imperialism of the Triad in the 21st Century (Demba Moussa Dembele)

The Current Phase of Imperialism and China (Pao-yu Ching)

Imperialism, Ultra-imperialism and the Rise of China (Fred Engst)

Lenin’s Theory of Imperialism and the 21st Century American Empire (Roland Simbulan)

A Century of Rivalries and Wars (Pio Verzola Jr.)

The Future of Imperialism and Socialism (Jose Maria Sison)

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Lenin's 'Imperialism' in the 21st Century(2017)


Lenin's 'Imperialism' in the 21st Century

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