Asserting & Defending People’s Rights, Exercising People’s Sovereignty


2017 | 69 pages

The matter of collective rights, held in common by social groups and nations, as opposed to individuals, is “premised on the concept of humans as social beings, who belong to distinct social groups and whose interactions are greatly shaped by their groups.” Especially in a country like the Philippines, where collective action is often the only weapon that laborers and peasants can wield against capitalists and landowners, the notion of people’s rights is truly empowering. It posits the attainability of social transformation through a democracy founded on people’s sovereignty.



People’s Rights

The Tumandok’s Unwavering Spirit of Resistance (Soleil Santoalla)

SIDEBAR: A quote from Marevic Aguirre, Tumandok-Panay Chairperson

After the Storm: The Continuing Struggle Of Eastern Visayas Farmers (Larissa Mae Suarez)

SIDEBAR:  Plight of the displaced

The NXP Workers’ Struggle: Reaffirming Workers’ Collective Power In The Era Of Neoliberal Globalisation (Ivan Phell Enrile)

BOX STORY: NXPSCIWU: A brief history

BIGWAS: Banana Workers’ Fight Against Contractualization And Militarization (Bryan Ziadie)

SIDEBAR: SUMIFRU Union Leader Threatened and Ambushed

People’s Sovereignty

Tug-of-War: The Hacienda Luisita Peasants’ Unwavering Exercise Of Will And Power In Claiming Their Right To Land, To Life (Lyn Angelica Pano)

BOX STORY: Women’s Collectives at the Forefront of Bungkalan

Bungkalan: Asserting Collective Land Ownership (Ilang-Ilang Quijano)

SIDEBAR: Escalante Massacre: Theater of grief and rage

ALCADEV: A Continuing Lesson in Resistance (Rowena Cahiles)

#BigasHindiBala: Food aid through militancy (Ilang-Ilang Quijano)

BOX STORY: A martyr family’s quest for justice

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