Revolution and Counter-revolution: China’s Continuing Class Struggle Since Liberation


2012 | 352 pages

In this book of essays, written over a period of two decades, Dr. Pao-yu Ching examines the class struggles between the revolutionary and counterrevolutionary forces in China, waged since its liberation.

The class struggle in China – that went through the socialist construction, the Cultural Revolution, and the capitalist Reform – has been deep, and it has touched every aspect of Chinese society.

Dr. Ching demonstrates how, in the past decade, the struggle waged by workers, peasants and progressive intellectuals against the exploitation and oppression of the capitalists and Party/State bureaucrats has intensified; she explains why this struggle will definitely continue into the future.






I. Class Struggle during the Socialist Transition

II. Socialist Construction and Mao’s Development Model

III. Critique of China’s Capitalist Reform

IV. Chinese Society from Socialism to Capitalism

V. Conclusion

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