The ADB’s Strategy 2030: Repackaging Neoliberalism?


Until today, the ADB forwards the greater role for the private sector in development – which in theory includes small and medium enterprises (SMEs), but in practice serves more as shorthand for transnational corporations (TNCs) and domestic elites. The bank also forwards Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) as a model for infrastructure and services. The ADB held its 51st Annual Governors’ Meeting in Manila, Philippines from 3 to 6 May 2018.


2018 | 12 pages


  • ADB and regional powers
  • The 51st Annual Governors Meeting – without the poor but “for the poor”
  • The ADB’s “Strategy 2030”: repackaging neo-liberalism
  • The private sector, PPPs, people’s rights in ADB infrastructure
  • Towards people-led development in Asia-Pacific


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The ADB's Strategy 2030: Repackaging Neoliberalism?