WTO and Maldevelopment


2013|118 pages

Behind statistics painting beautiful pictures of growth and development in poor countries, especially those in Asia, is the widespread chronic poverty, unemployment, food insecurity and rampant inequality resulting from economic maldevelopment. Trade liberalization policies promoted by the WTO empowered developed countries and their transnational corporations (TNCs) to suck the wealth of developing countries and exploit cheap neocolonial labor in order to amass huge sums of profit. The two decades of WTO have in fact been two decades of denying development to those who mostly need it.



Introduction (Asia Pacific Research Network)

Prospects of the Bali Ministerial Conference: An Analysis from India (Research and Information System for Developing Countries)

WTO, Global Value Chains and Indonesia (Resistance and Alternatives to Globalization)

Two Decades of WTO: Impacts on the Philippines (IBON Foundation)

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